May. 28th, 2014

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Player Name: Renko or AnonymousOne

Player Contact:

Characters you have in the game: None

Character Name: Captain Nathaniel Renko

Character Canon: From the game Singularity after escaping the Timeloop at the end of the game.

Canon Background:

Omegafriends Background: Nothing much has changed since Renko abandoned his own timeline in favor of one with fewer Russians, his past entirely identical up to the point he attempted to use the TMD to escape to another reality.

Personality: Captain Nathaniel Renko is rather an odd duck for a member of the United States Special Forces assigned to a black op involving assaulting an island in Russian territory. For one thing, rather than being grim and gritty, he's rather laid back and personable. In addition to his complete lack of fear of... well, anything really, it seems his repeated time travel expeditions have only impressed upon him the impermanence of things and given him a "go with the flow" kind of attitude when it comes to life.

Indeed, given his incredible powers suddenly granted to him, he has taken on a mild, benign form of a "God Complex", experimenting on plant and animal life with the bizarre energies generate by his TMD, fondly regarding each anomalous life form created as something to be treasured. The fact that they're uniformly spiky, glowing and typically horrifying is completely ignored in his strange fixation on the creation of new lifeforms. His experiments are, however, not extended to human beings, having seen enough of the effects of THAT to last himself a lifetime or three.

Buoyed along through life with this attitude, Renko saunters along rather cheerfully, helping where he can and spreading information on the dangers of Time Travel and Russians, whom he has developed a mild case of paranoia over. Still, aside from his burning hatred of all things east of the Caucasus, Renko feels no particular dislike for anyone, and to this day seeks to aid and protect all he encounters, for no other reason than that he has been given the near limitless power to do so. His primary hobby outside of general philanthropy and commando raids is raising mutant plants and animals in his garden.

Powers: Aside from the standard abilities of the Fully Upgraded Time Manipulation Device such as anti-gravity manipulation of objects, blasting things with energy, altering the aging process of matter, generation of anomalous lifeforms and telling him precisely where he needs to go, Renko has also acquired a few oddities from his exposure to E99 energies. For one thing, the mutated lifeforms generated by prolonged exposure to E99 technologies really seem to enjoy his company, becoming more placid and friendly in his presence. For another, he has personally become immune to the negative effects of said radiation through unknown means, and now subsists on a diet consisting entirely of translucent, radioactive, ambulatory fruits and vegetables.

Renko also possesses a pair of E99 weapons, an Assault Cannon and an Kasimov SNV-E99 rifle, but does not typically carry these given his inability to acquire more than minute quantities of that miraculous isotope, and the enormous amounts that would be wasted on making bullets. They currently adorn his mantlepiece.


Notes: He just sent in his paperwork to join the Omega Friends yesterday.


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